Architecture Biennale 2021: How will we live together?

Refik Anadol, Sense of Space.

Curator Hashim Sarkis, architect, professor and researcher at MIT in Boston, presents this year a multidisciplinary Biennale involving architects, researchers and artists. To all of them, Sarkis asked to imagine the ways of the future coexistence between men and other living species.

Through the two locations of the Giardini and the Arsenale you see proposals and suggestions from all over the world.

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Venice opens to visitors, charming and appealing

Sunset facing the Southern Lagoon

Rules to travel are finally easier and visitors are coming back to Venice. The city is welcoming its guests in a slow-moving atmosphere, bars and restaurants in the squares, quiet alleyways and challenging exhibitions.

The Architecture Biennale, located in the Giardini and in the ancient Arsenal, proposes this year to look ahead in the future and see which strategies we need to choose to live well through times of change.

City to Dust di Lorien Beijaert e Arna Mackic. A fragile Venice made of clay, consumed by every visitor’s step. Architecture Biennale.

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Recommended Reading on Today-Venice

I’m very proud to have assisted journalist Neil Robbins in the final reading of his thoughtful book: Venice, an Odyssey.

Memories of the city he had seen when he was a student cross the different reality of Venice today.

A profound reportage on the environmental, social, and economic challenges of Venice today. I warmly recommend it to anyone interested in the complicated relationship between cultural heritage, economic profit, and environmental issues.

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Venice Architects and Stonemasons

Some famous architectures built by Lombard and Swiss architects.
Foto credits: Bridge of Sighs, Palazzo X Savi, San Zaccaria and Scalzi: D. Descouens, Wikipedia

Deutscher Text am Ende

Venice was one of the most international and vibrant capitals in ancient Europe. Many craftspeople and artists were attracted by the wealth that was invested to build new churches and palaces and embellish them with artworks, sculptures, funeral monuments, wooden ceilings, and fabrics of any sort.

Who built among the most extraordinary architecture of Venice?


Canaletto, Tiepolo and the artists of 18th century Venice

A rich exhibition of 18thcentury Venetian art will bring you closer to the light and gentle spirit of the Rococo.

Masterpieces by great artists like Canaletto and Tiepolo dominates in the former apartment of the Doge; you can admire the bright pastel palette of Tiepolo and the cityscapes full of air and light of Canaletto. You can indulge in details that show daily life in the 18thcentury in the vedute and be captivated by the sensuousness of the figures in mythological stories. 


Venice survival kit

I’m happy to share a very useful set of information and tips for our many visitors! The handbook has been elaborated by my friends of the Gruppo 25 aprile: “a group of Venetians, “native” and not (Venetians by choice, in all cases) (…) now risk being forced out of our environment (…) because of the cost of living and the lack of appropriate job opportunities.”
As we Venetians are pleased to have you as a visitor in our magnificent city, full of art treasures and with a long and extraordinary history, we’d love to prevent you from being cheated.
This information has been conceived especially for the time of Carnival but they are useful all year round.

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Santa Maria dei Miracoli: a Jewel Box


Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Deutscher Text am Ende.

Ezra Pound called it a ‘jewel box’; today it is one of the most popular churches to celebrate a wedding. The Miracoli church is intimate and at the same time spectacular hidden shrine of Venice.

Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, but called by everyone Our Lady of the Miracles because of a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary standing above the main altar, this late 15th- century church is a symbol of the Venice of that time: rich, with a sophisticated sense of beauty, proud to carry on the classical legacy of the antique world, and proud of its very miracle: to stand on the water, like the church itself.

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The Treasures of the Doge – A new Itinerary in the Doge’s Palace

Doge's Palace

Giant’s Staircase, courtyard of the Doge’s Palace.

The Doge’s Palace of Venice is a shrine with lavishing gilt ceilings, great masterpieces by Veronese and Tiepolo, and hundreds of years of history visible on its many paintings but now there is a new reason to visit it.

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