Recommended Reading on Today-Venice

I’m very proud to have assisted journalist Neil Robbins in the final reading of his thoughtful book: Venice, an Odyssey.

Memories of the city he had seen when he was a student cross the different reality of Venice today.

A profound reportage on the environmental, social, and economic challenges of Venice today. I warmly recommend it to anyone interested in the complicated relationship between cultural heritage, economic profit, and environmental issues.

Here you find the video presenting the book.

Available also on Amazon.

If you are interested in tours which highlights the challenges that Venice has to face, please inquire here:

Deutscher Text:

Es freut mich sehr, den Journalisten Neil Robbins beim Schreiben seines nachdenklichen Buches unterstützt zu haben: Venice, an Odyssey.
Eine tiefgreifende Reportage über die ökologischen, sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Herausforderungen Venedigs heute.