Canaletto, Tiepolo and the artists of 18th century Venice

A rich exhibition of 18thcentury Venetian art will bring you closer the light and gentle spirit of the Rococo.

Masterpieces by great artists like Canaletto and Tiepolo dominates in the rooms; you can admire the bright pastel palette of Tiepolo and the cityscapes full of air and light of Canaletto. You can indulge on details that show daily life in the 18thcentury in the vedute and be captivated by the sensuousness of the figures in mythological stories. 

I suggest you to look at the visionary power of the works of Giambattista Piazzetta, an artist that modeled his figures with a very strong chiaroscuro and gave them enigmatic attitudes.

Venice in the 18thcentury was still a rich capital; its inhabitants were used to luxury and elegance and all those who could afford artworks kept commissioning paintings for their private homes as well as a donation for churches and confraternities. As a result, the artistic practice was very widespread. Even the minor artist had such mastery that their works are of high quality.

If you are in Venice, don’t miss the exhibition held in the Doge’s Palace. Until June 9th.

Open 7/7.