Venice survival kit

I’m happy to share a very useful set of information and tips for our many visitors! The handbook has been elaborated by my friends of the Gruppo 25 aprile: “a group of venetians, “native” and not (venetians by choice, in all cases) (…) now risk being forced out of our environment (…) because of the cost of living and the lack of appropriate job opportunities.”
As we Venetians are pleased to have you as visitor in our magnificent city, full of art treasures and with a long and extraordinary history, we’d love to prevent you from being cheated.
These information have been conceived especially for the time of Carnival but they are useful all year round.
One more tip from me before you go ahead with reading this very well done handbook: The best and reliable guidebook about eating in Venice is by Michela Scibilia “Venezia, osterie e dintorni” that you can download also in english as an app: Tap Venice Eating.
Needless to say we’d also help each other, residents and visitors… we’d warmly appreciate if you don’t stop on the bridges blocking the people behind you 🙂
Welcome to Venice! A city to enjoy and respect.

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