Venice Architects and Stonemasons

As strange as it might sound, already toward the end of the 14th century many stonemasons came from northern Lombardy to Venice. Many of them worked for some years in the construction site of the Cathedral of Milano and moved then to Venice where there was another great construction site: the Doge’s Palace.

Over the 15th and 16th century among the most famous architectures that you can see in the upper photo were built by stonemasons (the concept of architect would become more common only in the mid-16th century) who came from a small area at the foot of the Alps and the Lugano lake.

The area where most stonemasons and architects of Venice came from.

From 1512 part of that area was conquered by the old Swiss Confederacy and was split by a border. Still today the southernmost part of Switzerland, the Canton of Ticino is called the “Italian Switzerland” as they still speak Italian.

The famous Ca’ d’Oro (Golden House, as many of the window-frames were originally covered with gold leaf) was built by the Lombard Matteo Raverti and Giovanni Bon from Carona.

Ca’ d’Oro, Matteo Raverti, Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon, early 15th century

Churches like the so-called “jewel-box” Santa Maria dei Miracoli was built by Pietro Lombardo from Carona.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Pietro Lombardo, late 15th century.

The marvelous church of San Michele, on the island where today there is the cemetery of Venice, which stands out like a pearl between the lagoon and the sky was built by Codussi, from Lenna.

The famous Bridge of Sighs was designed by an architect from Lugano; and from Lugano was also Domenico Rossi, who built the imposing house of the Corner family on the Grand Canal.

Ca’ Corner della Regina, Domenico Rossi, 18th century.

If you wish to know more about Venice architecture and its great masters, we can see these and more great examples of building.


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Venedig Architekten und Steinmetze

Als internationale und reich Hauptstadt zog Venedig Handwerker und Künstler aus vielen Gebieten.

Wer hat unter den außergewöhnlichsten Architekturen Venedigs gebaut?

So seltsam es auch klingen mag, schon gegen Ende des 14. Jahrhunderts kamen viele Steinmetze aus der Nordlombardei nach Venedig. Viele von ihnen arbeiteten einige Jahre auf der Baustelle des Mailänder Doms und zogen dann nach Venedig, wo es eine weitere große Baustelle gab: den Dogenpalast.

Während des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts wurden unter den berühmtesten Architekturen, die Sie auf dem oberen Foto sehen können, Steinmetze gebaut (das Konzept des Architekten wurde erst Mitte des 16. Jahrhunderts allgemeiner), die aus einem kleinen Gebiet am Fuße stammten der Alpen und des Luganersees (Sehen Sie die Karte).

Selbst die berühmte Seufzerbrücke wurde von einem Architekten aus Lugano entworfen.

Wenn Sie mehr über die Architektur Venedigs und seine großen Meister erfahren möchten, können wir diese und weitere großartige Beispiele für Gebäude sehen.