Why you can’t miss the Venice Biennale

Anna Maria Maiolino, Entrevidas, 1981/2000.
Maiolino, together with Nil Yalter, have been awarded the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement to the Art Biennale 2024.

The Venice Biennale is more than just an exhibition – it’s an immersive art experience. Held every two years, this event transforms Venice into a dynamic canvas of creativity.


The Jews of Venice and the Ghetto

18th century banker; possibly Jewish banks must have looked just the same.

18th-century banker; Jewish banks must have looked just the same.

In the 17th and 18th century the Jews of Venice were a flourishing community.
Officially, they could work only as moneylenders, have pawn-shops or deal with second-hand clothes and furnishing, but then of which quality! Sir Wotton, an English nobleman who lived in Venice, bought furniture, fabrics, carpets, chandeliers, and other various objects in the Jewish Ghetto. Even most of the decorations for the golden boat of the Doge, the Bucintoro, came from the Jewish shops.

Grevembroch Jewish Peddler

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