Leonardo da Vinci at the Accademia Galleries

Leonardo Uomo Vitruviano

From August 29th and until December 1st there will be one more reason to visit the Accademia Galleries.

Alongside with masterpieces by Titian, Bellini, Veronese, Tintoretto, Carpaccio and many others, visitors will have a unique occasion to see an exhibition on Renaissance drawings dating from 1478 to 1516, which includes the famous Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.

The show is called ”Leonardo da Vinci, The Universal Man” and will revolve around the Accademia-owned 30 da Vinci works collection, last shown together in 1980.

Together with this materpiece there will be on show 27 loans from Italian and European museums such as the Uffizi, the British Museum, the Louvre and others.

An important portion of the show will be dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s studies into proportions, and will showcase the famous Uomo Vitruviano considered a symbol of the classical perfection of the combination between human body and mind.

Opening the exhibition area will be a section on Leonardo da Vinci’s Botanic studies. Next to the stunning flower study, there will be about ten preparatory studies that were used as bases for the Battle of Anghiari will allow visitors to reconstruct the story of the tragedy, which Da Vinci illustrated in the world-famous fresco, now lost, in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio.

The exhibition is curated by Annlisa Perissa Torrini, the director of the Cabinet of Drawings of the Accademia.

Opening hours:
Monday: 8.15 – 14.00
Tuesday – Sunday: 8.15 – 19.15
Admission: 15 euros p.p. (reduced: 12 euros p.p.)

Leonardo studio

Leonardo Studio Anghiari