15th Century Fashion in the Paintings at the Accademia Gallery


Masters of the late 15th – early 16th century like Gentile Bellini, Carpaccio, Mansueti were intrigued by the Islamic world.
Venetian and a constant and contradictory relationship with Ottomans, Mamlukes, and Arab people. 
Many Venetians used to live years in the Islamic countries and when they came back they brought with them souvenirs, exotic objects, and lots of stories. Probably also some drawings. Moreover, Islamic traders were present in Venice so that for artists it was quite interesting to represent their fashion. 

I love spending time in front of those paintings and discover the garments, fabrics, socks, haircuts they used to have back in that time. And the gestures… It’s a lively world!
It’s another good reason not to miss the Accademia Gallery when you are in Venice.


The furry red bonnet called zamt was used by Mamluk soldiers. The white, more common turban, was used only in Mamluk Egypt and Syria.



In the two photos above you can see the difference between the Mameluke and the Venetian fashion (two photos below).

 IMG_1372 IMG_1370 

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